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Children's Home Society of Washington

The Org: Children’s Home Society of Washington

The Project: Website, social media, and electronic communications

For the past two years, I have worked with Children's Home Society of Washington - the oldest and largest child and family service non-profit in the state of Washington - to help them tell the stories of the people that they serve online. I re-designed their website to allow more space for dynamic content and refresh the design, built and maintained their social media presence, and created and delivered email communications.

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Children's Home Society of America

The Org: Children’s Home Society of America

The Project: Website and Social Media

While working with Children's Home Society of Washington, I got the chance to re-design the website for Children's Home Society of America - a national consortium of expert child and family service agencies - and to build their social media presence. I took a similar approach here as I did with the re-design of the CHSW website, and cleaned up the site to make it a better platform for storytelling while keeping intact the majority of the established branding elements.

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Pygmy Survival Alliance

The Org: Pygmy Survival Alliance

The Project: Website and Social Media

The Pygmy Survival Alliance is a non-profit organization that aims to increase the health and well-being of the Batwa people of Rwanda, through targeted public health interventions based on achieved development outcomes. I worked with them as a volunteer to build their web and social media presence. I also designed and developed the website for their revenue-generating arm, Coffee Rwanda - a coffee company specializing in Fair Trade Rwandan coffee, where 100% of the profits were used to help the Batwa.

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Team Monkey

The Org: Team Monkey

The Project: Website design and development

Lisa Jones-Engel and Gregory Engel are two amazing people. Their work with primates and primatological research has taken them all over the globe and has been featured in magazines such as National Geographic. They needed a website that could showcase the dynamic work that they did in a captivating style that was more than your average academic website. I worked with them to define their web presence, and built a website for them to showcase their professional work while keeping with their personal sense of style and international sensibilities.

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